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Venlak Energy System an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with in House manufacturing of a wide range of automotive & tubular batteries, and batteries for Electric vehicles


Extreme Energy

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Venlak Energy System an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with in House manufacturing of a wide range of automotive & tubular batteries, and batteries for Electric vehicles. Venlak batteries are tested and approved by CPRI.(ISO 901-2015).

VENLAK also provides products in renewable energy solutions like solar water heaters, solar hybrid inverters, solar panels etc.

Why Venlak Energy

In House Manufacturing of a wide range of Automotive and Tubular Batteries.Our batteries are tested and approved by CPRI.(ISO 901-2015)

Venlak is one of the leading tubular and solar battery manufacturing, Bangalore based, company in India and established in the year of 2004. It adhere strict quality measures and customer support

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Products & Services

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Tubular batteries

A tubular battery uses technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. As a result, there's no shedding or corrosion, ensuring long battery life.

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Automotive batteries

is used to start a motor vehicleIts main purpose is to provide electric current to the electricity-powered starting motor, which in turn starts the chemically-powered internal combustion engine that actually propels the vehicle.

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Solar water heater:

Solar water heaters use natural sun light to heat water. This system works on the thermosiphon principle and is designed to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. This is the most effective

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LiFePO4 batteries

LiFePO4 cells are much more stable chemically and non combustible. At high temperatures or if the battery is mishandled the phosphate based cathode material

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Solar Hybrid Inverters

Common hybrid solar inverters also known as multi-mode inverters are at the heart of any simple, cost effective home battery storage system. Hybrid inverters are essentially a solar inverter with an integrated battery inverter/charger.

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Solar Panels

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Tubular Batteries

Both C5,C10 variants are available
C20 ratings 60Ah to 240Ah available
C10 ratings 40Ah to 220Ah

Superior Quality Plates
Technically designed battery grids.
Produced on automatic grid casting machines
Auto controlled electrodes formation
Special lead alloy encompass virgin active materials
Auto heat sealing assembly line
Extended backup
Eco friendly and pollution free
C5-Exclusively for Solar
Solar Batteries

Both C5,C10 variants are available

Solar grade ratings C10-150AH;C10-180AH;C10-200AH; C10-220AH
Highly durable
High quality lead plates
5 years replacement warranty
Extended backup
Low maintenance
Battery Wagon

SLV plastics - an initiative of venlak energy systems

Premium Design
Super Quality
Impact Resistant
Acid Proof
Load Bearing
Solar Water Heaters

Our solar water heaters are compact in size, easy to install and requires very low maintenance.

Venlak Solar is a comprehensive EPC solutions provider for Solar Photovoltaic projects. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission solar projects.The highly skilled and dedicated EPC Team at Venlak Solar ensures the completion of each solar project from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the entire lifespan of the project.

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People Says

Good quality tubular batteries (Both C10 & C20). I have been trading this battery for the past Five years. Best battery i can suggest and good service.

Nithin Mv, CEO Tenaga Energy Solutions LLP

Good quality batteries..Got it through Tenaga energy solutions , who are the distributors for kerala. we have been using venlak batteries for few years. Both c10 and c20 tubular batteries are of good quality and lasts long.

Rauf S,

They provide excellent quality batteries which are worth the price. Long lasting and durable

Aswin Aravind,

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